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New e-learning trends


of businesses already invest in an online Learning Management System (LMS)

(source: E-learning Industry 2020)


of companies are not satisfied with their LMS and consider it: outdated, not engaging, not efficient enough
(source: Docebo e-learning Report 2019)


employees would stay longer with the company if it invested in their career development
(source: Linkedin Workplace Learning Report 2018)


A new generation of e-learning for employees, tailored to the needs of the modern work environment

edustrada gamified e-learning platform rewards

A benefit-Cafeteria system

You don't need a dedicated benefit platform - Edustrada has it built in.

Each user of the platform earns points for successive stages and achievements in personal development. Points can be exchanged for employee benefits or other rewards in the Virtual Cafeteria.

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team-Building elements

Gamified tasks enhance team cooperation, and instill the spirit of healthy competition, which translates into faster growth of skillsets.

Engage your employees in attractive competitions and you will see how effectively this translates into a real increase in skills and team-building.

edustrada e-learning platorm

Flexibility & versatility

The platform can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.

We facilitate the implementation and migration of training from your previous e-learning systems. You don't have to worry about it or involve any additional IT resources.
We have over 10 years of experience in implementing corporate solutions.

The Problems

Traditional, on-site training methods require significant HR resources and financial investment to bring measurable results.

The raise in employee motivation lasts only for some time after team building and training activities. The intensity and shortness of these tools does not translate into long-term results.

On the other hand, current e-learning and onboarding solutions are boring and outdated. They don’t allow for extended monitoring of training effectiveness or program adjustments to the individual needs of employees.

Result: Your employees learn from obligation, not from pleasure, and the knowledge retention is poor and does not translate to real results.


  • low commitment to development and lack of time
  • overwhelmed by too much information, which does not translation into real skills
  • the constant need for being motivated and stimulated

The solution

Edustrada provides just-in-time knowledge delivery, small doses tailored to limited time, presented in an attractive way, from anywhere (home office, business trips). It is a modern tool for motivating and developing staff.

Thanks to the built-in gamification mechanisms and social interactions, Edustrada immerses users in the process of continuous development and training of new skills, and acquiring them becomes a habit.

Feedback is constantly communicated by the platform. This improves user experience and allows for a closer connection to the platform and learning material.

Edustrada effective e-learning platform


Only 5-15 minutes a day, at any time of the day on any device - mobile or desktop


Videos, audio, animations, mini-games and scenes and real-life case studies


Healthy competition translates into a sense of agency and awareness of improvement


Instant gratification and feedback increases the sense of participation in the process

4 Foundations of edustrada

  • The learning process should be attractive to be truly efficient. Our 4 Foundations, based on our own experience and scientific research, reflect this approach.
  • Engaging and interacting with users, giving them social learning tools- nobody is left all alone on their educational journey.
  • Constant and methodical development is more efficient than periodical sprints.
  • We value Your time and company resources- that’s why we provide you with an effective tool for growth and motivation that is close to natural human needs.
Virtual Cafeteria
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Virtual Cafeteria
Edustrada Dashboard 2
Gamification rankings
Gamification duel won
Message board
Multiple choice exercise
Knowledge pill video
Knowledge pill mobile exercise
Knowledge pill gamification points
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Additional features

  • Authoring tools (course creation) - quickly and easily design your own training using pre-built blocks.
  • Reports and analytics - monitor training effectiveness, progress and commitment of each participant.
  • Notifications - keep users engaged with motivational push and e-mail messages.
  • Quiz duels - improve knowledge retention and make revision exciting and pleasurable.
  • 2-way feedback - get feedback about material effectiveness from users, give them constructive information about their every activity. A dynamic system allows for fast adaptation and increase of training efficiency even while it's in progress.
  • Social interactions - create a space for organic learning- message boards, chat, knowledge duels, team and individual rankings, healthy competition and cooperation.

Edustrada increases employee satisfaction, performance and provides a competitive edge

We understand your challenges and we offer over 10 years of experience in providing corporate solutions under the Companion brand

Edustrada Sławomir Łebkowski

Slawomir Lebkowski
Founder, CEO

Slawomir has 20 years of experience in business and IT, with expertise in software development, UX and B2B

Edustrada Łukasz Siemiątkowski

Lukasz Siemiatkowski
Co-founder, COO

Lukasz has 8 years of experience in the field of education. An expert in marketing, business trainings and B2C

Product Dev. & Support

Edustrada is backed by a team of experts from Companion with 10 years of experience in providing corporate solutions for sales teams

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The implementation process in 4 simple steps


Business analysis and preparation of detailed project assumptions


Selection of educational material & conversion to an interactive form, course and "knowledge pills" configuration


Design of graphics, badges, points system, awards, and other modifications


Data import to the system. Preparation of documentation and onboarding guides