Motivate and develop employees with modern e-learning solutions

We have what you need to increase employee engagement, improve business processes and reward your staff with benefits

Supports processes & development of:

Sales Teams

Management Staff

Human Resources, L&D


To stay competitive, you need to keep your people motivated and grow their skillset

But there are a few challenges...

  • Onboarding processes are expensive and demand constant investment of time to keep the personnel motivated
  • When people's needs are not aligned with business goals, work engagement declines and stagnates
  • Everyone has different development needs and you lack tools to monitor them in real-time
  • Left to their own, people lose their motivation, learn because they have to, not because they want to
  • Most e-learning tools are boring, overwhelming the user with information and don't develop skills
  • What you've tried so far just isn't working, you're not getting tangible results
edustrada gamified e-learning platform
Edustrada has everything you need to develop your employees in one place.
For a fraction of the cost of on-site trainings.

A modern workplace requires a tool that builds employee development on ...

Continuous improvement and habit formation

Edustrada provides knowledge every day in easily digestible knowledge pills (5-15 minutes), which makes learning systematic, does not overwhelm with the amount of information, and at the same time strengthens the involvement of learners.

An attractive and engaging training

The content is colorful, animated, attracts attention and does not resemble the all too popular blocks of text. This improves the learning experience and knowledge retention.

Constant evolution of the educational process

User feedback and the social aspects of the platform help you to identify training needs in real-time and to be more agile in meeting market demands.

Methods that boost motivation and engagement

Gamification increases people's involvement, integrates teams, gives a sense of agency and a desire for self-improvement. The platform gives the opportunity to reward employees with benefits which act act as an additional incentive.

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Be the industry leader

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A tool for development, motivation and benefits all-in-one!

  • A complete solution to support and outsource onboarding, staff development, and motivation processes
  • You don't need a dedicated incentive program, Edustrada has it already built in
  • Employees can exchange their points for benefits of their choice in a Virtual Cafeteria
  • Edustrada encourages the sharing of knowledge and experience
  • Gamification is a very effective way to develop, motivate and engage employees
  • We'll help you to migrate from existing systems - replace outdated solutions now!
Edustrada effective e-learning platform


An attractive form of training that facilitates remembering and keeps you informed about your learning progress.

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Edustrada four foundations of gamified e-learning

4 Foundations

  • Microlearning
  • Multimediality
  • Gamification
  • Interactivity

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